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Cradle of Forest

Cradle of Forest 101

Cradle of Forest 101

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Good evening, my children.

I am Father Vincent.
Well, not really,I'm actually Kether the MUN, I just play Father Vincent in this community.

And that's what you're going to do too.
Well, not play Father Vincent, but play whatever characters you've signed up for.

Those of you who've been in an LJ comm, you can skip this part, because there won't be a quiz after, and it's bo~oring. But...

for those of you who came here from chatroom RP only, or who have never used an RPG comm before at all...gather round. Let me give you the lowdown.

It's quite simple, really. Almost all the links you need are (or will be) on the profile page.

In applications you give us the name of the LJ you will be using for your character posts, and I will add it to the 'friends add' list.

Then you post in maternal_heart and hello everyone.

YOU go to the 'friends add' page and add all or as many of the other LJs as you choose to your friends list.

You post as often as you like on your character LJ in the persona of that character and (hopefully) people will reply to your entry.

You reply to their comments.

And the conversation begins.

We have a chatroom if anyone wants it; you join Whispering Realms to get there and look for the Fire & Water room.

It's only suggested because it has unlimited textbox space unlike an AIMbox, and a nice easy on the eyes black background with beautiful graphics by our friend sistersinister but you needn't use it if all that's too much effort.

But find some way to get in touch with the other players, because logs are the meat & potatoes of any RPG comm.

Our logs happen at forest_cradle. You can either begin a thread and keep the action going by commenting to each other (although beware LJs collapsing repliiiies!) or you can log in AIM, in F&W, anywhere you want, and C&P your adventures into one log post.

This way people can read the adventures you've had, and maybe, if you want them to, join in your storyline.

Mingling is encouraged, clicquishness is NOT. Just so you remember.

Silent Hill the town is your playground, but anyone familar with the Konami game series probably knows Silent Hill is a conduit to a strange nightmarelike realm called known as the Otherworld... feel free to meet, greet, and eat or be eaten by monstrous baddies at your own whim.

We only ask that no one play or invent any of the SH gods as NPCs, because once we're past the polishing stages (this comm is NEW!) we may find some time to provide a few surprise NPCs and situations for your characters to interact with (or ignore; no storyline will ever be obligatory) and we're saving them for that.

Well. I hope that pretty much tells you why we are all here.

Please make yourselves at home, and feel free to prod me or any of the regular SH natives... be careful though. Not everything in the Hill is always what it seems!
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