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Cradle of Forest

news time- inactivity boot.

news time- inactivity boot.

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Jess-mod here.

This message is to inactive players. Harry Mason and Sister Claudia have been made available again. Due to inactive participation in Cof these characters have been taken from their players. Also Tiff is no longer a mod for her inactivity.

A new mod will be selected.

I know its sad but this is a Silent Hill RP, so all Silent Hill canon Cs need to be active and playing with everyone, not just a select few.

As to modship, me and Tanya and Kether have done a lot making lists compiling maps and moving files after strikethrough. a moderator needs to do things not just be there in name only.

Sorry Tiff & nick. you can apply for non canon Cs if you want them. Movie Alessa is fine to still keep because no one really doing anything with the movie concepts.

I would like to see Carol or Mal or Anna step up to the plate. How ever if any one else has suggestions step up to the plate.
  • :D

    Lookit me step up. :D
    • Re: :D

      *Gathers a crew of chimney sweeps to dance around you*

      New mod Mal's here, step in time!

      ((KetherMUN claims no responsibility for the confusion or traumatizing effects this blatant Mary Poppins reference might have on those who have either never seen or got utterly weirded out by the sight of Dick van Dyke dancing.))
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